Speckled White Egg
Speckled White Egg Speckled White Egg Speckled White Egg Speckled White Egg Speckled White Egg

Speckled White Egg

Possibly the most unusual helmet we've ever had painted.  We say one-of-a-kind a lot around here but this helmet takes this phrase to a new limit.  Using spray technology from the 60's our painter out did himself here.  

This is a beautiful New Biltwell novelty helmet that features a masterful speckled background.  Beautiful masking work and a lot of time and patience created this helmet.  This is our first helmet like this and we're certain it won't be our last.  Just another killer looking lid that will no doubt turn heads.

Please note:  Colors may differ slightly from the pictures. 

This is a NEW, out of the box, novelty helmet from Biltwell, Inc.  These helmets are not DOT approved and meant for novelty purposes only.

Like this style but want a different size or color?  Maybe you'd like for us to paint your helmet like this.  No problem.  Please email us with your request and we'll contact you to see if we can be of assistance.  Custom orders typically take 6 to 10 weeks to complete and will cost an additional $35 per helmet.

Warning: This novelty helmet is not D.O.T. certified.  It does not meet ANSI, SNELL or any other American or International safety standards.  Do not wear this helmet to operate motorized or no-motorized street legal or off-road vehicles.  Doing so could result in injury or death.

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